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Black Remote Controller PRO is a powerful and full featured systems remote admnistration suite. It will give you full access and control over a remote machine through a countless number of features, giving you the ability to monitor, access or manipulate every activity and data remotely, just like you are in front of it! 

This tool is ideal for everyone who necessitate to access, monitor or operate remotely on a given system for a wide and various range of needs, administration professionals, parental control, forensics, sourveillance, remote assistance. Black will become for you an incredible tool to achieve everything remotely.

  1. FREEDOM - With a huge amount of features, and more to come, Black will give you a complete set of powerful tools to operate remotely as efficiently as possible, being able to overcome any limitation and frustration may occur by not being phisically in front of a remote machine. Just any tool alone or combined toghether will allow for any task.
  2. SPEED - Black has been developed with a clear goal to achieve in mind : speed ! We all know how valuable our time is, how important is to be able to operate real time with minimum latency and responsiveness. To access any data, any time, anywhere as quick as possible, we dedicated most of our effort to optimize Black connection system at his best. Benchmarked against many of similar products, we are proud to say, Black crushed almost every of them.
  3. STABILITY - The Software is constatly monitored in performance, stability and reliability with frequent code reviewiewing, updates and optimizations. All feedbacks are precious to us and taken seriously to give you the best and most confortable experience possible.
$ 49

31 days License

$ 117

93 days License

* save 30$

$ 438

365 days License

*save 150$

Remote Desktop

Watch the Remote Desktop Live at incredible low latency, take shots or activate video recording to .avi files. Take control over the mouse and keyboard devices and more. Supports multiple screens.

Remote File Manager

Freely navigate as fast as almost  in real time through all drives, files and folders of your remote machine.
Be able to achieve any kind of file manipulations. 

Remote Webcam

Private property surveillance, monitoring, parental control, this feature allows for multiple needs. Take shots or activate video recording to .avi files.

File Transfers

Upload and or Download any data from and to your remote machine. Multiple transfers at once supported and no size limit at incredible speed.

Keystroke Capture

Keystroke capture Live or in Offline mode and retrieve logs later. All keyborads are supported. A keyword search feature is included.

Services Manager

Be able to list all remote machine stopped and running Services, launch or stop them in a click.

Processes Manager

Monitor all running Processes in your remote machine, kill. suspend, resume them or set an alarm on specific ones if detected.

Remote Audio

Listen to your remote machine Microphone device, great for surveillance or just listen what the remote user have to say to you.

Registry Editor

Navigate through the full remote machine Windows Registry, retrieve or modify any key or value in it, create new ones.

Chat System

Be able to initialize a Chat session with the remote machine user, use it for assistance or any given need.

Shutdown, Reboot, Logoff System

Be able to remotely logoff, restart or shutdown your remote machines as needed.

System Messages

Create and fully customize system messages, alerts, infos to pop up on your remote machine.


Download and execute any file from a given URL with complete customization of the saving path, execution and more.

Passwords Recovery

Get all saved password in the remote machine, browsers, mail  clients and few applications are supported.

TCP Connections Monitor

Monotor all active TCP connections in and out your remote machine. Be able to block them by port, process or instant kill.

Visit Website

Be able to launch any website page for support or any other specific need.

Clipboard Manager

Acces, read or write or edit the remote machine Clipboard content.

Scripting Tool

Create and execute remotely your scripts. VBS, HTML, BATCH, POWERSHELL supported.

Startup Manager

Manage all remote machine System Startup entries. Add, remove, modify them through multiple startup methods.

Remote Shell

Being able to access your remote machine Shell is vital to achieve almost any and advanced task.

File Search Engine

Search for any file, extentions, file type, keywords, get quickly hundreds of results just in seconds.

Photo Album

This File Manager feature will allow you to look at all pictures in a given folder, all at once, without the need to download them first.

Startup Manager

Manage all remote machine System Startup entries. Add remove, modify them through multiple startup methods.

Remote Shell

Being able to access your remote machine Shell is vital to achieve almost any and advanced task.

Windows Manager

Be able to manage any open windows, visible or hidden ones on your remote machine. Close, maximize, minimize, hide, show, block, any interaction is supported.

Installed Software 

Sometimes being able to tell wich software is installed on a system is usefull to get an idea of how the remote environement is set.

Hosts File

This file has a critical role for Windows systems, being able to redirect, block, translate, associate ip/hosts addresses. Hosts file customization is sometimes critical to block some websites access for example.

Client Manager

You have plenty of options to modify, update, restart, kill and more of your installed Client file.
Client editor will allow for customizations of your file.

Fun Features

We all know sometimes things may get boring, expecially in professional and tech environement.
Black Remote Controller may become also a funny tool for jokes, why not?

 More and more to come

Is impossible to list all Black Remote Controller Features.
Expecially because every tool is a program itself with tons of related options. You only have to discover them all...