The following Terms of Service represent a legal contract and agreement between "Blackremote Project", related third part services and all customers. All softwares and services provided by us, or wich the purchase has been processed through our websites  ( will be subject to the following rules and agreements. All the mention and followings terms are considered accepted by the user by purchasing, downloading, installing or using our products.



Chapter 1 - License.

All distributed Licenses to own and use a copy of the "BLACK REMOTE CONTROLLER PRO" software are personal and hardware locked to a specified customer machine. You agree that machines linked to a License are legally under your control, wich you are the owner of them or you are legally allowed to use them  with explicit consent.

Licenses are NON transferable, NON  sub licensable, NON exclusive. You agree that all the data and personal informations wich are required for the licensing system to work, can be managed, stored and distributed internally to the "Blackremote Project" on your behalf solely for the purpose of providing the service.  

You hereby grant to "Blackremote Project", a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license to distribute your User Data for the purpose mentioned above.

You also agree that  any License purchase is final and not refundable, that you accept this software "as is", without any warranty, you accept also that any License can be terminated without any further notifications or refunds in the case your conduct doesnt apply to all the terms, agreements and all legal conducts specified in this Terms Of Service document or we have just notice of it or prooven abuse.


Chapter 2 - Our scope, guidelines and responsibilities.

As we know Remote Administration Tools softwares are often subject to great debate about their usage and development, we decided to adopt few rules, guidelines, to stay on the good side of it, mitigate misusage and instruct users about risks and responsibilities involved wich will be illustraded in the following lines of this Terms Of Service.

There are plenty of legit uses and businesses to target and anything else is out of our scope.

To list some :

- Remote access to personal and/or allowed access Systems dislocated in different places. (home, office, sons devices, business locations). You may need a file or content you left on a System wich is phisical miles away, you need to acces a website, service or software wich will allow or login only from a given System or IP, uses cases are endless. 

- Parental Control is pretty critical nowdays, we have no clue, expecially when alone, who they talks to, wich webpages they navigate, and unfortunately is full of bad peoples out there. Is important, if we have some reason to think something is not right, expecially if underage kids, that we have all instruments to protect them and be aware of everything is going on along with asking help to law enforcements.

- Private Investigations by experts Agencies or Companies represent a very big and florid business area with thousands of legally allowed operators across the globe. We are very interested to offer solutions to them and in the business as a whole.

Private Investigations by private citizens wich may have some troubling situation to solve. Who is using your PC when you are not at home? Why your desk is always so messed up every morning you go back to work? Who is messing with my stuff in my room?

- System Adminstrators may find this kind of tools very usefull for their extreme flexibility and full set of features wich simplifiy lot of tasks and everyday routines. Monitor hardware resource consumption. (CPU, RAM and such)

- System Security and Analysis. Most of  non-extremely sophisticated malwares or rootkits try to kill processes, hook functions or hide themself from well known security or monitoring softwares or Windows OS tools, references to certain processes or programs are often hard coded in their sources. Using an unknown software for them to navigate files, processes, and more, make them instantly visible and easy to detect.  This is a formidable use case.

- Forensics activities, Proofs Gathering may be simplified a lot by combining all features are offered.

- Conjugal investigations, unfortunatly bad thigs happens even between beloved ones. If you only have an idea of all the legal aspects and how financially troubling a divorce may be, you can easily understand the importance of collecting proofs, under your own roof, on wich part actually didnt do things the right way and put yourself in a better position.

-  Remote Assistance. Sometimes, expecially dealing with inexperienced users, customers or just friends, is better and faster to take control over the situations than trying to explain step by step, or just use it to reach for any kind of help.

- Private Property Surveillance can be achieved by remotely monitoring phisical devices like webcams and microphones from anywhere.

- Pentesting Educational Purpose. These kind of software, even clearly malicious ones, are always and will be always used as payloads in Pentesting environements, classes, courses, or mentioned in education materials to instruct peoples on the risks involved by not having a safe approach to the internet, files coming from unknown sources or peoples, preventing.

- Locate and counter theft of your devices. Having a secondary and invisible access to your own devices, laptops or such, can be extremely important in the unfortunate case of them being stolen. You will be able, or at least have chance, to remotely locate IP and try to collect proofs on who is using it. Or you will  try to have some time left to remotely hide or delete your sensible data before they get stolen or wiped out. 

After the previous brief excursus we warmly invite any user of this software to be fully consciuous of his actions and our scopes because the Software itself will not represent any excuse for his own bad behaviour and we have many legit and better business to target.

"Blackremote Project", usage of the "BLACK REMOTE CONTROLLER PRO" software, our Licensing System and all third parts involved providing services, payment gateways or digital goods related to this product are NOT by any means responsible, encourage or condone for any misconduct or any damage caused to your or another person's hardware or belongings.

We are NOT responsible also for any privacy violation and data gathering through this software, despite the fact you may be legally allowed or not to get.
"Blackremote Project" will not and cannot monitor or piece together any of the user activities through this software by design, there is no action we can allow, deny or condone by using this software, we do not keep activity logs, not even vigilate on the correct usage of this Software, so the final user is the ONLY resposible for his actions and agree he will take full responsibility for it.

We also declare that all features supported by "BLACK REMOTE CONTROLLER PRO" or related services, have the sole purpose to offer a remote interface or wrappers for already existing Windows OS features, APIs, Settings.
We DO NOT include in this software any feature may exploit the remote system itself, or features wich are malicious by design by any means, or allow to get, modify,  manipulate any data of Windows OS architecture wich is not meant to be retrieved or manipulated by design.
Any of the System Security measures and settings wich are in place on the remote machine will not be modified, exploited or bypassed in any way and will stay untouched.
We dont counter Antivirus softwares possible false positive detections as in some cases help us making sure the final user will use our software properly and will be able to setup rules and exclusions in his Security Softwares as long as he is the legit owner of a given System. This doesnt exclude you may report your files as "false positive" to your Secirity Software, or we that we may do the same if it will reperesent an issue for our business.

Usage of third part softwares to achieve the same results, will not be representative anymore of our softwares outputs, products or services, as they have been intentionally reversed, patched, modified fully or partially or is not anymore in his original shape or design or will have additional features or functionalities we never included in our products in first place and we dont take resposibility for them.

Will be not included in this Software any feature may even accidentally put the user in conditions to do harm to a System automatically and without being aware of it, in a manner that, for this reason, if any of the possible malicious behaviours will be taken, it will be clear it has been  instructed to the program by the user own knowledge and clear and explicit intent.

Wil be not included in this software any plug-in system or anything will allow the user to use features and tasks we are not aware  of, are not designed or developed by us, or will expand the functionality of the program in an unwanted way. 

In the unfortunate case of any damage or malicious activity a given user of our products may eventually take through our software, can only be somtheing wich is surely possible to achieve by what Windows OS features already offer to their users. This software is, and will remain, only a remote interface for them. Will be our responsibility to stay like that to mitigate possible misusage.
You also agree that any bugs or malfunctions wich a software developement may normally encounter through his lifespan will NOT represent any additional resposibility for "Blackremote Project" and related products and services, and you will take all necessary precautions are needed to preserve the functionality of your systems, or systems you are allowed to control, and prevent damages or data loss. (eg. backups, restore points and such).

No assistance whatsoever will be offered to users wich will ask or let us intend about illegal activities or bad behaviours in general, be aware in that case your license may be suspended.


Chapter 3 - Your Responsibility.

Will be under your full responsibility to be aware of all your living country laws and legal aspects wich are involved or regulate the usage of this software or similar products, expecially in matter of privacy protection. If you live in a country wich complies, not only to your country laws, but also to communitary laws, like for exaple EU countries, you will be aware of those laws too and will apply to both accordingly.  

Will be under your full responsibility any damage, data aquisition and storage, data loss, data disclosure, privacy violations, denied access to services, denied business activities, unauthorized access, denial of services, malfunctions and all kind of activities may be considered as intentionally malicious or illegal by the laws to wich you stand using our softwares.  

Will be under your full responsibility to make sure you have legal permission and explicit consent to install, download, or use the "BLACK REMOTE CONTROLLER PRO" software and related services on any system you have intent to run those softwares, features or services.

Will be under your full responsibility all the data submission and permissions to process any of your personal informations provided to us or our parthners like name, email, payment details, ip, geolocation, hardware hwid, license details and everything is required to proeprly run our service correctly, you also agree that all the informations provided are yours and not of any other person wich is not you or you are not allowed to use or disclose.

Will be under your full responsibility every Product License kind of violation, including redistribution of the software, reverse engeenering, violations of intellectual property or any activity may damage our business and products reputation wich may lead to legal contentious.


Chapter 4 - Terms Of Services modifications. 

You agree these Terms Of Services may be subject to changes, at any time.  

By accepting all terms and conditions above you also accept any future modifications of them and you will use our products and services accordingly.

If you find any of the modifications to the terms, wich may occour in the future, not fitting your needs or not allowing anymore any of the activities you may already have in place  PLEASE CEASE USING THE "BLACK REMOTE CONTROLLER PRO" SOFTWARE OR RELATED SERVICES IMMEDIATELY.


Chapter 5 - Pricing and Service.

You agree we have right to change our products and services prices at any moment, that we have right to create discounts, gifts or any marketing activity, even not for the entire public but to specific users.

You agree that the same products can be purchased by different individuals at a different prices under different circumstances.

You agree also this service, his maintennace or updates may be terminated in any moment without advice.

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